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Body Politics

Macha Productions explores 'Body Politics' in its new double bill, running from Monday 13th - Saturday 18th September, at The Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast.

The power society wealds over the bodies of woman and girls is the theme being explored in 'Body Politics'.

Set in the early 60's, the first part of 'Body Politics' is 'No Motive'. This piece follows private detective, Rachel McDoo, in a dark tangle as she investigates why a woman who 'has it all', ends it all. 

This is followed by 'Sweeties', a dark comedy set in 80's Belfast, looking at the relationship between sisters, Tracy and Jen, when a twist of fate from one sister's past blows their lives wide open. 


Spotlight on Northern Ireland Theatre & Dance

We're thrilled to be one of the ten major works to be chosen as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Connect event, in collaboration with Belfast International Arts Festival and Theatre & Dance NI. The event took place on 25th August 2021. 

For more information on the event, click the button below. 

Body Politics Photo Credits: Sharon McCutcheon

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