The Mac

19th - 29th March 2020

MACHA's next work is called Body Politics which goes up in The MAC March 2020. 
For this project we're working with hard to reach women and people who identify as women from diverse communities, whose opinions are never/seldom sought. 
We'll be running 4 creative writing workshops and also 4 performance workshops throughout January, February and March 2020 on the theme of body politics. Participants will be sharing experiences of everyday sexism that inhibit women in the way they interact with their bodies as they mature (eg. regulations forcing young girls to wear skirts to school). 
We are also asking policy makers/influencers to take part also - along with activists and stakeholders so that participants can see, in action, the power their experiences and voices have to influence change. 
Work arising from the workshops will be exhibited at the MAC for two weeks in March 2020 and accompany two one-act plays, No Motive and Sweeties, and post-show discussions on the same theme that occur nightly during the run of the plays. 


No Motive

by Jo Egan

One act play as part of Body Politics.

No Motive, set in Northern Ireland in 1963, begins with the death of a happily married, pregnant woman. The plot, detective in nature, details the grieving husband’s search for a reason. He hires Rachel McDoo to discretely carry out investigations to reveal the motive. McDoo, after an exhaustive investigation discovers that Mary Agnew dies because she has remembered a truth she had buried long ago. No Motive is a piece of performed storytelling for three female actors. 

No Motive was awarded funding under the Arts Council of Northern Ireland's Small Grants Programme to support the writing of this new play.  


by Jo Egan

One act play as part of Body Politics.

Since Sweeties was premiered as part of Green Shoot Productions, “Flesh & Blood Women” in 2014 the play has undergone extensive rewriting. Based on seven years of interviews, Sweeties tells the story of Tracy, a gutsy woman now terrified of the outside world. Her sister, Jen, fed up of being the nursemaid is determined to find out what lies beneath. What she uncovers shocks her beyond belief.  Part comedy, part tragedy Sweeties is three-hander for three female actors. Read on...