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Women’s Sexuality Channelled to Serve Male Interests - Join the conversation

“The experience of maternity and the experience of sexuality have both been channelled to serve male interests. Behaviour which threatens the institutions, such as illegitimacy, abortion, lesbianism, is considered deviant or criminal.”

- Adrienne Rich

Sunday 21st May 2.45pm

Women, Poverty & Prostitution in Northern Ireland today

Wednesday 24th May 7.30pm

Addiction: A legacy for Northern Ireland's pst-conflict society

Thursday 25th May 7.30pm

Women in Media: The use of prostitution and violence against women as an exciting storyline in film and TV

Saturday 27th May 2.45pm

Women Rape & tax credits: Government use of sexual violence against women in the context of Welfare Reform and the implied threat this sends out to women as a general narrative

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